Stenographic Reporting

Pirozzi & Hillman provides court reporting services in the following areas of litigation: intellectual property, insurance and reinsurance matters, patent, copyright and trademark, banking and finance, SEC and FINRA matters, bankruptcy, international law, labor, maritime, medical malpractice, pharmaceutical, product liability, arbitrations, RICO, corporate governance, trade secret misappropriation, antitrust, securities, mass tort, breach of contract, construction, corporate hearings, engineering, family law, governmental proceedings, other commercial cases, conventions and conferences.

Non-Litigation Matters: board of directors’ meetings, executive staff meetings, transcription of narrative for book publications and theatrical scripts. Pirozzi & Hillman is chosen by Fortune 500 companies and supports advertising, media and publication industries on various platforms.

The making of the record requires not only the writing skill brought to bear for that task, but the acumen and understanding of the proceedings, making for an intelligent and error-free record.

Pirozzi & Hillman… consistently reliable.