Call, Connect, Confer = Pirozzi & Hillman Videoconferencing

Traveling is not as luxurious as it used to be. With this ever-changing economy and travel rules and regulations, videoconferencing has become a way of life for more business people.

We offer videoconferencing at very competitive rates. Our new facility is beautiful, comfortable, conveniently accessible and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Our large flat screens will allow you to see people and documents clearly. You can be assured and feel safe to share and review your confidential data.

  • Add value to your business by saving time and money with videoconferencing
  • The best way to make high-quality expert witnesses available to clients from anywhere in the world is by way of videoconferencing.
  • Depositions, hearings, expert consultations, witness preparation, partner meetings, mock trials, jury research, settlement conferences, job interviews and much more… there is virtually nothing that you can’t discuss
  • We will make all the arrangements for you anywhere in the world
    • Depositions
    • Hearings
    • Trials
    • Expert consultations
    • Settlement conferences
    • Partner meetings
    • Job interviews
    • Not-for-profit conferences
    • Training seminars

Pirozzi & Hillman Videoconferencing is affiliated with the largest, worldwide network for videoconferencing. We are able to locate a facility for you even in the most remote locations of the world. Our network works with professional technicians and locations that have been tested and are ready to go.