Trial Presentation

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The better your case is prepared, the more effective and convincing you will be at trial. Regardless of complexity or case size, we provide you with a significant advantage.

Courtroom technology is successful when it appears effortless and is managed by an experienced trial technician. Whether your case is best presented in PowerPoint, animation, over-sized boards, flip charts, or call outs, our consultants understand which trial visual combination can best benefit your case. At Pirozzi & Hillman you will work with a team that has extensive experience in trials ranging from simple arbitrations and mediations, to extensive hearings, through full-scale major litigation across the country.

Technology today is a necessary part of every courtroom presentation. It has become so important that an attorney who does not incorporate it into their presentation is perceived as unprepared. Our skilled trial presentation technicians will assist you and your team in applying the outstanding trial technology best suited for your case.  The tools and services we offer will not only influence the case but can be invaluable to a legal professional in establishing a client’s position.

Winning an argument requires timing and quick access to pertinent information.  In a forum in which both the content and context of a case are critical, trial strategy is crucial. Just as experienced litigators are at the top of their chosen specialty, we have found an experienced staff of trial consultants who will guide you through the latest litigation support tools and technological advancements available.  If you are serious about the effective use of technology in the courtroom, then Pirozzi & Hillman is your choice.

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