At Pirozzi & Hillman, we make the litigation support and deposition process exactly what it should be… perfectly seamless.

Today’s legal work often involves large volumes of discovery material. Professional imaging can provide you with an efficient means to organize and work with documents as you prepare your case and head to trial. Having experienced consultants that can work with your legal team and turn around accurate, high-volume document scanning on a short timeline can make or break your case.

Pirozzi & Hillman understands that the complexity of your profession requires dedication and commitment every step of the way from discovery through to delivery. The need in litigation support is managing the volume of digital evidence demanded by legal cases. Today, the discovery process increases in complexity. Law firms and their clients are becoming increasingly dependent on their litigation support vendors to guide them through what is a complex web of technical services. We are dedicated to providing our clients with impeccable service at every level. We are able to handle any litigation support requirement you may have from the inception of your case through trial. We listen to you and every particular detail of your individual matter or case.

Outsourcing this task gives you time to focus on your expertise. Our company values the importance of details. Our goal is to partner/work with you to successfully manage all the details of the litigation support process, from our response to your initial contact, through to the delivery of the completed assignment.

Pirozzi & Hillman provides cost-effective document scanning and document management services. Our nationwide team supports scanning, online repository and copying services including:

  • Document Scanning and Copying Services
  • Searchable OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Bates Stamping
  • Database Creation and Management
  • Document Coding (On and Offshore)

From Discovery to Trial, We’ll Manage Your Depositions Around The World.